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Hugh & Grace Goudy

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AUGUST 9, 2020

You are not going to want to miss this auction for a beautiful collection of horse drawn buggy’s and other antiques in August of 2020. Also in this sale are 2 nice newly constructed storage shops for removal. We are taking selected antiques to be added to this sale. If you wish to sell some exceptional antiques at this sale call today!

Details: SHED FOR REMOVAL FROM YARD 22x34 Barn Style Metal Cladded Shed, Walk-In Door, Barn Door on Side, 2x4 Construction on 16" Centers, 2’ on Center Trusses, Eavestroughs and Wired

Details: SHED FOR REMOVAL FROM YARD 18x24 Metal Cladded Shed with Eaves and Soffits, 8x10 Overhead Door, Walk in Door, 2x4 Construction with 16" on Center Walls, Trusses on 2’ Center, Wired and Eavestroughs

Details: Surrey Oak Carriage with Fringe Top Restored 1995

Details: 1902 Surrey Carriage with Fringe Roof Restored 1986

Details: All Steel Buggy Restored 1989

Details: Mclaughlin Buggy Restored 2005

Details: Delivery Wagon Restored

Details: Side Spring Buggy Restored 1987

Details: 1911 McLaughlin Buggy Restored 1984

Details: 3 Seat Democrat Open Hurse Restored 1986

Details: Grain Wagon ¾ Box with Spring Ride Seat Restored 1986

Details: 2 -Seater Bob Sled Restored 1986

Details: Santa Claus Cutter with Doors Restored 1994

Details: Santa Claus Portland Cutter Restored 1997

Details: Open Santa Claus Cutter Restored 1975

Details: Santa Claus Cutter with Doors Restored 1995

Details: Stud Cart Restored 1977

Details:  2 Bottom Plough Gang

Details: 1 Bottom Walking Plough Restored 2005

Details: 1 Bottom Walking Plough

Details: 1 Scouffler

Details: Massey Harris Reaper Horse Drawn Mower

Details: Fancy Team Driving Harness

Details: Team Driving Harness

Details: Buggy Wheels

Details: Harness & Accessories

Details: Antique Tools & Wrenches

Details: Assortment of Antiques Oil Cans Shop Tools

Details: Crocks & Stoneware

Details: Various Antiques Cream Cans, Crocks and Lanterns

Details: Antiques

Details: Antiques

Details: Horse Team Gear

Details: Hidden Treasures & Antiques

Details: Cream Cans


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